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Writer’s Block? Try Focused Free Writing

Writer’s block, while a cure for writer’s cramp as Inigon DeLeon so aptly pointed out, can be a real pain, especially for those of us who are facing tight deadlines. If you are struggling to get going, try focused free writing to collect your initial thoughts and ideas: Turn your computer screen off, or if you work from a laptop, turn the light off (just so that your inner editor does not get distracted by the red lines under misspelled words). Put a timer, watch, or clock beside your keyboard and give yourself five or 10 minutes. Once the clock starts ticking, write. Have your topic/question in the fore of your mind, and write, write, write whatever comes to mind on that subject matter. Do not take your fingers off the screen. Write for 10 minutes straight. Don’t worry about it if your mind goes blank for a minute and you end up writing, “I really have no clue what to write next.” Just keep on writing, fingers on keyboard.  After 10 minutes, you can turn the screen/light back on, and you will find that there are sections you can use, ideas you like and can work with, or further develop. Focused free writing is similar to a warm-up you might do before exercising and a great way to cure for writer’s block.

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