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Writing and Editing Services

Academic Editing

We have extensive experience editing scholarly materials for clients world-wide. Our team is multi-lingual, and we often work with scholars whose first language is not English, but who are pursuing publication in the English language.

Dr. Piet Pellenbarg, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, wrote:

The Write Room's copy edit of our introductory chapter for a book full of case studies of transnational firms (The Corporate Firm in a Changing World Economy) greatly improved the text. They really did a great job by indicating a multitude of small and big mistakes. I was surprised to see how TWR managed to do this very professionally at a very short notice.

One of our most recent clients is Professor Heesoon Bai. Dr. Bai wrote:

As a recent client, I am extremely impressed and satisfied with Gerda Wever's impeccable prefessionalism and excellent service. Gerda knows the rules, standards, expectations, nuances, and subtleties that govern, most often invisibly, the academy and its production of theses, journal articles, books, grant proposals, and curriculum vitae. Not only that, what really made it work for me is the person behind the work: a truly wonderful human being, most easy and pleasant to work with, and a gifted scholar and writer. I really enjoyed my contact with her and was very pleased with the products that emerged.

Rob van Wynsberghe, assistant professor at the UBC’s institute of Health Promotion Research wrote:

I have been extremely satisfied with Gerda's ability to offer concrete suggestions for improving the text. I cannot imagine a more professional interaction and I highly recommend Gerda to anyone interested in taking their writing to the next level.

Sandra McDowell, M.A.L, Chief Marketing Officer at First Credit Union wrote:

The Write Room was an invaluable recourse while undergoing my masters and completing my thesis. Gerda and her team assisted me with editing every step of the way.  Their attention to detail, responsiveness, and support helped me to complete a paper that met all academic and professional requirements.

Lastly, Dr. Tatek Abebe, Norwegian Centre for Child Research, NTNU, wrote:

I am delighted to have benefited from the brilliant editorial services of Dr. Gerda Wever of The Write and The Write Room who proofread my recent work on childhood and youth research. I am profoundly impressed by the quality and professionalism built in her work. The result is that my manuscript has attained enhanced quality in terms of the conceptual clarity and flow of arguments. Gerda’s editorial comments and dedication to speedy work are magnificent and uniquely surprising because, often times, it difficult to balance speed with quality. The Write Room has indeed the best editorial service for those writers whose native language is not English.