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Writing and Editing Services



Our medical writing and editing specialists are experienced in a wide variety of medical topics, including neurology, neuro-psychology, psychiatry, preventive, and alternative medicine. Our editors can also help break down complex subjects to make them more accessible to lay readers. We can ensure that the text is reader-friendly, that missing and/or contradictory information is pointed out to you and clarified, that supporting material (such as figures, tables, and reference notes) is clearly presented and is correct and consistent, and that the manuscript conforms to the appropriate publication style guidelines (AMA, CSE, CBE) and to any other required content, style, or formatting guidelines.

Our project experience includes health-care support textbooks, professional journal articles, research studies, grant proposals, health-care articles for consumers, patient information brochures, product brochures, press releases, promotional writing, and annual reports.

Hans Knoop, neuro-psychologist at the Centre for Chronic Fatigue in Nijmegen, The Netherlands wrote:

Working with The Write Room has really improved my articles. Their editors quickly understood the scope and style of the writing and were able to improve the structure, style and even content without tinkering with the voice of the author. They made my work more succinct, better structured and easier to read. I would recommend The Write Room Press' medical editors to anyone who writes.