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Writing and Editing Services


The Write Room offers research and writing guidance, assistance in establishing appropriate research methods, general advising and coaching, exam and oral defense preparation, and thesis writing. We work on an ongoing basis with students from Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, Royal Roads University, and City University of Seattle, many of whom are graduate students, pursuing Master’s or Doctorate degrees.

Tammy Reid, graduate student at Royal Roads University and business partner at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) writes,

I would not hesitate to recommend the Write Room for writing and editing services. As a graduate student, I had never enlisted the assistance of an editor and I found Gerda and her team to be gentle, and helpful with their suggestions. They taught me a lot about editing and I feel that I am a stronger academic writer because of them. The team at the Write Room is professional, flexible, and patient and I am grateful for their help.

Another student at Royal Roads University writes,

The Write Room team was very valuable to me when pursuing my masters. Not only did their suggestions help improve the quality of my papers, but they helped me become a better writer. For this, I am truly grateful. Sandra, Royal Roads Student.

Jacqueline Harris of the City University of Seattle writes,

As a mature student returning to school for a masters in clinical counseling the idea of working on a thesis as a final step to completing schooling was a daunting task. I knew that working on a thesis was over my head and I needed to look for outside support. For me, this included not only editing and APA formatting but also more direction on the whole process or writing a thesis in general

Gerda is above and beyond what I was looking for. She has been encouraging and supportive while directing me through the journey of writing a thesis. She demonstrates a strong work ethic and is very efficient.

Gerda works as my personal coach to motivate and keep me meeting deadlines always with an encouraging and positive energy. I can honestly say that her support and guidance has been a major reason for my success in completing my thesis and would highly recommend her to my fellow colleagues..