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Writing and Editing Services


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs is true of first drafts of books, stories, poems, and articles, the first draft of script, film, or story is most likely not the greatest one ever produced. In fact, more than a few playwrights write their first draft to simply develop the storyline! The next drafts are written to polish and improve, thus improving the overall quality of the material. Yet many playwrights are simply too close to their own material to take an objective stance, and what may be clear for them may not be clear for their audience. A professional editor can detect errors, inconsistencies, or gaps in the storyline that playwrights miss. He or she can refine your draft and improve its quality, clarify your audience, and, in so doing, improve your understanding of the world in which your story, script, or film is to generate interest, specifically target this audience, or diversify and target a wider audience that you had in mind.

We recently edited a script by highly appraised screenplay Don Hauka. Don wrote:

The Write Room held me get over the final hurdle to get my MA project approved. Not only did they do a first-class job on my thesis, they even helped me with the accompanying screenplay. They did all this in record time (and I was faced with a really tight deadline). The Write Room’s fast, efficient service and their painstaking attention to detail helped me to get my MA.