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Stay tuned for Dr. Cohen’s second edition of his book Gateway to the Dao-field. The second edition will appear under the title Becoming Fully Human in Educational Environments: Inner Life, Relationship, and Pedagogy. Alison Pryer, Ph.D., author of Embodied wisdom:  Meditations on memoir and education, wrote about Avraham Cohen’s book: Becoming Fully Human in Educational Environments:  Inner Life, Relationship, and Pedagogy is a subtle, complex, deft, yet highly readable, exploration of pedagogy.  This unique and perceptive book explores the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of contemporary educational practice from a Daoist perspective.  Cohen’s approach embodies and evokes the very tradition with which he engages his topic.  The book’s organic structure allows him to fluidly navigate from philosophical musings to autobiographical narrative to the voices of his students and then on to practical case studies in a profoundly ecological way.  With uncommon grace and a deep understanding of the classroom as a “guesthouse,” Cohen’s work opens a doorway to a true  experience of pedagogical hospitality, a hospitality that affords different kinds of educational relationships and dynamics in the context of educational community. I highly recommend this book to all educators who care deeply about the heart dimension in teaching and learning, and to those who may be seeking a radical revisioning of their practice. To pre-order Becoming Fully Human in Educational Environments: Inner Life, Relationship, and Pedagogy, and receive 10% discount click here.

Confronting the Red Devil and Other Stories About Cancer by first time book author Kerry Chutter is set to release this fall. Kerry Chutter has the great gift of writing with searing clarity about experience; in this case her personal experience of diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and life after her experience related to breast cancer. Her story is particularly poignant as she writes from the place of being a relatively young person who is fated to go through this difficult journey. I have built on my knowledg about the fragility of life and the dimensions of possibility for learning and growing from experience that is unwanted, horrible, and uninvited by reading Kerry's story. --Avraham Cohen, Ph.D., R.C.C., C.C.C.