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Dreams, Guns, & Gorillas

Dr. Aliette Frank

This is the story of an 18-year-old girl's experience studying mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda, before the massacre (remnant of the Rwandan Genocide) in 1999. This is about her struggle to survive through starvation, rape and abandonment in the jungle, the human and ecological challenges the mountain gorillas face, and her dreamtime connection to the mountain gorillas, which in the end saves her. The sustainability of the gorillas and the fate of the local human population is inextricably intertwined.

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Confronting the Red Devil And Other Stories About Cancer

Kerry Chutter

The breast cancer ‘journey’ has no formula or recipe book and is unique for each traveller, although there are many shared experiences. As an oncologist, I can listen and observe, but always as a companion. Kerry Chutter has eloquently written her story with a clear and profound voice. She integrates her experience with writings and poetry, and gives us fresh insight into what she has gone through and continues to live with. But we are not just gazing through this window. Kerry lets us into both her heart and her mind, and provides a new level of understanding of the trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis and its sequelae through her story.
~Dr. Karen Gelmon, MD
Leading Canadian Researcher and Medical Oncologist BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre

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De Schat van la Buse

Chantal van Mierlo

Sam en Jolijn gaan op reis naar een tropisch eiland. Al snel leren ze Marcel kennen, die hen over de beruchte piraat La Buse verteld. Volgens de legende ligt er een enorme schat op het eiland begraven. Samen gaan ze op zoek naar aanwijzingen en komen bij de geheimzinnige sjamaan Ratika terecht. Die weet meer dan Sam en Jolijn kunnen vermoeden. Hij vertelt hen dat de schat door de geesten van de bemanningsleden van de piratenkapitein wordt bewaakt. Een gevaarlijke tocht brengt hen verder dan ze hadden durven dromen... Zou het ze lukken de schat te vinden? Wat heeft de Griekse god Hercules met de piratenkapitein te maken? En waarom krabbelt Marcel plotseling terug? Ga mee met Sam en Jolijn op zoek naar de schat van La Buse!
Een spannend avontuur, gebaseerd op de legende van Olivier Levasseur. Deze beruchte piraat maakte aan het begin van de achttiende eeuw de Indische Oceaan onveilig. Door zijn onverschrokken gedrag kreeg hij de bijnaam La Buse (de Buizerd). Op de eilanden van de Seychellen verborg hij zijn schat, die tot op de dag van vandaag door talloze schatzoekers wordt nagejaagd.

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Choosing Work Before Work Chooses You

by Margit Hesthammar

Margit Hesthammar's guide through career transition was released on April 7th of this year. Praise from Margot Sutcliffe, MA, CCC:

Choosing Work deserves a category of its own on the overcrowded bookshelves of the career transition industry. A masterful career guide, Hesthammar brings nuance, precision and a down-to-earth style to her examination of the many subtle challenges faced by people in transition.

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Becoming Fully Human in Educational Environments

by Dr. Avraham Cohen

This is Dr. Cohen's second edition of his book Gateway to the Dao-field. This second edition is published under the title Becoming Fully Human in Educational Environments: Inner Life, Relationship, and Pedagogy.

Alison Pryer, PhD, wrote:

Cohen's work opens a doorway to a true  experience of pedagogical hospitality, a hospitality that affords different kinds of educational relationships and dynamics in the context of educational community. I highly recommend this book to all educators who care deeply about the heart dimension in teaching and learning, and to those who may be seeking a radical revisioning of their practice.

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Two-You Work: How to Work with the Self in Conflict

by Dr. Bea Mackay

Peter Philippson, M.Sc., Founder Member of the Manchester Gestalt Centre and Full Member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, as well as Author of 'Self in Relation' and 'The Emergent Self' wrote:

I am glad that Dr. Mackay has written this book.  Too often, two-chair work has been taught as a technique, or as the whole of Gestalt Therapy, but without an understanding of how it fits with the theory and practice of the approach.

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Social Architecture

By Dr. Arden Henley

Arden Henley swims resolutely against the current that is sweeping us into backwaters of lonely egocentricity.  He challenges those of us trapped in cells of organizational bureaucracy to escape from our “me” wired chat room existence to a new social architecture.  Arden explains how this “me to we” shift opens the door to living and learning with others.  If you enjoy examining old problems through executing new constructs, you’ll love this book. Dave Jackson, PhD.
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