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Writing and Editing Services

editing servicesEditing Services

All good writing is achieved through rewriting, and even the work of the most seasoned writers is advanced through editing services. An experienced editor can refine the message your document is aiming to convey, whether through style or form. Whether we edit a fiction or non-fiction manuscript, our overall objective in working with your project is to improve your text, as well as to identify your work’s strengths and weaknesses. We also endeavor to show, through the revisions made, how you can improve your writing in general.  

writing services Writing Services

Writing—whether fiction or non-fiction—is, unlike what many people think, not a way to wrap up your thoughts. Rather, it is a way to think, making re-writing a process of re-thinking. In our view, all good writing is achieved through rewriting, making good writing a time consuming process. Yes persuasive and concise writing does not only take time, it also takes good writing skills. Not everyone has the time or skill to write effectively. Our experienced writers can use their expertise to express or refine your message.


additional servicesAdditional Services

Aside from editing and writing, we offer a few additional services. We offer consulting services for authors who are unsure which of the many publishing options to choose from. Being a multi-lingual team with native speakers in English, German, and Dutch, we are able to work with various languages and even translate text in between those three languages. We also offer assistance in resume writing, research and writing guidance, assistance in establishing appropriate research methods, general advising and coaching, exam and oral defense preparation, and thesis writing. Lastly, we have started to put our ten year experiences to good use and offer academic writing seminars that cover those areas that many of the writers we work with struggle with.