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Writing and Editing Services

Academic Writing Seminars

We've worked with scholars and students for almost ten years now, and in our experience, if clients struggle with their academic writing, it is in one or more of three main aspects of academic writing: organizing an academic paper, writing with clarity, and formatting. In order to help improve and develop their academic writing skills, we offer academic writing seminars, which address all or some of those aspects. Our most popular seminar is a half-day academic writing seminar, which is hands-on (participants bring work in progress), and which covers the basics of all three aforementioned areas:
  • Organizing ideas (i.e. how to formulate a good thesis statement/research question, how to develop an argument, strategies to improve flow, evaluating and sequencing content)
  • Writing with clarity (i.e. explaining ambiguous terminology, explicating assumptions, use of voice, language use, being hospitable to the reader, avoiding common pitfalls in lines of reasoning)
  • APA style guidelines (i.e. references and quotations, use of headings, parts of a manuscript, punctuation, use of hyphens, capitals, abbreviations and italics, and general guidelines for preparing a manuscript for submission)
Our next academic writing seminar will be held at the City University of Seattle, the downtown Vancouver campus, on December 3, 2010. Please contact us if you are interested to participate.