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Writing and Editing Services


Your resume is the potential employer's first and precious impression of who you are and how you might perform in the job he or she has to offer. A good resume is therefore crucial, whether you are pursuing a new career or trying to climb up the proverbial ladder. A good resume is very consistent in terms of style, is concise, reader-friendly, and well organized. Not everyone has the knowledge and skills it takes to put a resume together that will yield results. Our team of writers and editors have experience putting resumes together for a wide variety of purposes.

One of our recent clients is Professor Heesoon Bai. We helped Dr. Bai improve her resume in terms of consistency, APA style, and layout. Dr. Bai wrote:

As a recent client, I am extremely impressed and satisfied with Gerda Wever's impeccable prefessionalism and excellent service. Gerda knows the rules, standards, expectations, nuances, and subtleties that govern, most often invisibly, the academy and its production of theses, journal articles, books, grant proposals, and curriculum vitae. Not only that, what really made it work for me is the person behind the work: a truly wonderful human being, most easy and pleasant to work with, and a gifted scholar and writer. I really enjoyed my contact with her and was very pleased with the products that emerged.

We also worked with a number of counsellors, including Dina Amouzgar, Clinical Counsellor, and Kaye Frost-Hunt, Clinical Counsellors. Dina Amouzgar wrote:

I would recommend TWR to anyone looking for a professional and personal experience. As a clinical counsellor, I thought I could write my own resume and cover letter, however, I was really mistaken.  A well crafted resume is the key to being noticed in today's marketplace. Gerda and her team carefully considered my personality, current situation, and career goals to assist me in obtaining such a document. It was a highly collaborative effort and I'm very happy with the results.  What I appreciated the most, with TWR's work, is her ability to re-touch the text and at the same time, to preserve the intention of the writer. Gerda especially is an amazing editor with a marvelous talent for writing; also, her attention to detail in grammar and punctuation is outstanding. Her varied interests, knowledge and profound insight into the human spirit can transform the 'dullest' resume information into a first class, presentation that highlights a person's strengths, skills, and accomplishments with a professional flair.

Kaye Frost-Hunt, also a Clinical Counsellor in the Vancouver area, wrote:

I needed help putting my resume together. My experience and education were not speaking to the audience I intended. I hired The Write Room to advance my prospects of finding work in my career. I met with one of their writers, and together we discussed the benefits of having a professional resume. One that would bring out the pertinent requirements needed when applying for a position. I found The Write Room the perfect fit. They were fast and efficient. They listened to my needs. The Write Room gave me a professional profile, one that has captured who I am, my education and experience in an effective, readable format. The Write Room also gave me options on how to rearrange my resume to fit the positions I was applying for.  Thank you Gerda Wever and all the staff at The Write Room.